Triumph in Winter Cropping: Turning Challenges into Opportunities.

Triumph in Winter Cropping: Turning Challenges into Opportunities.

Every year, farmers in the area of Sub T/A Phimbi in Balaka Malawi, grapple with the formidable adversaries of dry spells and floods during the rain-fed season and winter. These challenges often cast a shadow of uncertainty over their agricultural endeavors.

Today, we bring to light the remarkable journey of Poison Bowman, one of the resilient farmers who faced the devastation of last year's dry spell and floods. The memories of his fields being washed away and the subsequent lack of harvest during the rain-fed season still haunt him.

However, a new chapter has begun, and hope has blossomed, thanks to the collaborative efforts of CARD, in partnership with the Quton Seed Company, under the auspices of the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB). Bowman was the fortunate recipient of 1kg of the newly introduced MIM4594 maize seed, a game-changer in his farming experience.
With unwavering determination, Bowman planted this seed and witnessed the impressive results it yielded.

During a field day organized by the Quton Seed Company, he eagerly shared his success story with fellow farmers. He praised the drought tolerance and early maturity of the seed. Despite the challenges of affording fertilizer, Bowman managed to apply Mbeya manure, following guidance from CARD's extension worker, and achieved remarkable success in his field.
What's more, this extraordinary seed is suitable for both winter and rain-fed seasons. Each plant produces two cobs and boasts robust leaves, making it less accessible to birds and ensuring bumper yields for both profit-making and food security.

Poison Bowman's story is a demonstration to the transformative power of partnerships, innovative agriculture, and the resilience of farmers. It showcases how, with the right support and resources, challenges can be turned into opportunities, leading to prosperous and food-secure communities.


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