Mulanje Celebrates Generosity: Final Cash Distribution Amplifies Hope. 

Mulanje Celebrates Generosity: Final Cash Distribution Amplifies Hope. 

Last Friday, Mulanje shone brighter as the final cash distribution unfolded for the Tropical Cyclone Freddy Malawi Response and Recovery project, backed by the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB) and the Presbyterian World Service & Development (PSW&D).

Amidst a warm atmosphere of togetherness, we had visitors from CFGB who graced the event at Thuchira EPA, adding significance to the day.

However, the most exciting moment was the unexpected bonus for the beneficiaries. Alongside the anticipated MK50, 700.00, each member received an extra MK21, 000.00, totaling an impressive MK71, 700.00 per beneficiary.

This delightful surplus originated from the MK75, 000.00 voucher set aside for agricultural inputs, promising even more substantial support.

This surplus aims to empower beneficiaries to secure vital materials for producing MBEYA Fertilizer, a crucial step in boosting local agricultural endeavors. 

Overflowing with gratitude, the TA Juma community poured heartfelt thanks onto CARD and its esteemed partners, CFGB/PSW&D, recognizing their timely and invaluable support during a critical period.

Their earnest gratitude fueled a humble plea for an extension of the assistance program—a demonstration to its life-changing impact in TA Juma. This day of generosity and hope shines as a symbol of compassion, highlighting the immense power of collaborative efforts in uplifting and transforming communities for the better.


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