Food and shelter security for those in need.

Food and shelter security for those in need.

In a remarkable stride towards enhancing the well-being of Cyclone Freddy-affected households in Mulanje, TA Njema, the Churches Action in Relief and Development, with funding from Christian Aid, has initiated an extensive relief effort under the Post Cyclone Freddy Recovery project.

This unprecedented initiative, unveiled on a sunny Saturday, saw the distribution of essential resources crucial for survival. With unwavering determination, the project is set to combat food and shelter scarcity head-on by providing a lifeline to those affected.

As part of our mission to alleviate the suffering of the affected communities, the initiative distributed an array of vital resources. Maize seed, bean seed, and vegetable seed were handed out to empower families to grow their own sustenance. This empowering gesture is a crucial step towards ensuring food security in the region.


In a poignant gesture of solidarity, the Cyclone Freddy Recovery project is actively addressing the pressing issue of shelter for those who have lost their homes. Shelter kits were distributed to families who find themselves without a roof over their heads, offering a glimmer of hope and a chance to rebuild their lives.

This ambitious project embodies the unwavering spirit of compassion and resilience in the face of adversity. As the people of Mulanje in TA Njema strive to recover from the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Freddy, the combined efforts of Churches Action in Relief and Development and Christian Aid are lighting the way forward.

The Post Cyclone Freddy Recovery project not only aims to provide immediate relief but also seeks to build a more resilient community for the future. This collaborative effort between organizations and communities exemplifies the power of collective action in times of need.

As the project continues to unfold, hope is rekindled, and the path towards recovery becomes clearer. The determination of those involved and the support of partners are beacons of hope for a brighter and more secure future for the affected households in Mulanje in TA Njema



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